Digging into the History of Sewer Systems: Part I

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Today, we have tools and technology like ground penetrating radar to aid in the construction of sewer systems and the placement of underground sewer lines and septic tanks. In the ancient past, the tools and technology were much simpler, but that didn’t stop people from recognizing the importance of drainage systems and implementing some surprisingly

New York Utilities Went Underground in 1889

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New York City’s utilities went underground long before anyone could even imagine something like ground penetrating radar systems that we use. Of course, back then you wouldn’t have needed utility locator services – a forest of utility poles covered the Big Apple.  As Frederick N. Rasmussen of The Baltimore Sun reported, “Wires belonging to Western

Will Locating Utilities Underground Keep the Power on During Hurricane Season?

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Here at East Coast Underground & Construction Corp have extensive experience using ground penetrating radar to locate utilities underground. And that is where more and more South Florida homeowners are hoping to find their utilities! Hurricane Irma struck South Florida in 2017 and left large swaths of the area without power for days and sometimes

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